Response To San Diego County's Event On Epicenter And Its Design Rendering

Together, we can bring our vision of a Performing Arts Center and Auditorium at the Epicentre to life, creating an exceptional venue that serves as a vibrant hub for artistic and cultural experiences in our community.

Although the idea of a Performing Arts Center has been around for some time and received funding in 1995-1996, it unfortunately didn’t materialize back then. However, we can make it happen now, driven by our collective determination and enthusiasm.

It’s important to address recent communications from the San Diego County Park and Recreation and elected officials, which may have created the false impression that the project was already finalized, undermining the need for community input.

County does not have property rights and lease

In response to our inquiry on June 26, 2023, Real Estate Asset Management clarified that the County currently has no property rights or approved lease over the Epicentre. Instead, they are negotiating a Right of Entry (ROE) License Renewal, which allows them temporary access to conduct a comprehensive building analysis for one year. If the County proceeds with a plan for rehabilitating the Epicentre and seeks a long-term lease from the City, it will need to submit the plan for review and consideration.

With this clarification, it is vital for us to continue working on our vision of a Performance Arts & Cultural Center with an Auditorium-style theater.

Instead of allocating $8 million to reactivate previously failed programs at the Epicentre, let us propose that the County of San Diego allocate this funding as seed money for our transformative project. By leveraging the collaboration of various government agencies, organizations, and community efforts, we can pool resources and find the necessary support to turn our vision into a reality.

Our journey toward realizing ambitious projects like this requires perseverance and dedication. With a unified and collaborative approach, we can increase the chances of success.

Let’s seize this opportunity to create an exceptional artistic and cultural venue that will enrich our community for generations to come.


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