Past discussion on Center's Vision

Our events were attended by more than 60 of our community members which include:

Multigenerational Mira Mesa community leaders and residents
Representatives from local government
Local and city artists, musicians, and actors.
Representatives from local cultural groups
Previous Epicentre Collaborators
Parents representing our local schools, homeschool, and youth community groups

Local Small Business Owners


Compile ideas from community discussion

Letter campaign to city letters to let community plan our own future.

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It is clear the vast majority of the people who attended this dialogue want a space for art, music and culture – a Performing Arts Cultural Center and to have further discussions in order to explore how we can make that happen.

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Who are Friends of Mira Mesa Arts & Culture?

We are a group of individuals who have joined together to form a community that is passionate and dedicated to promoting and celebrating arts and culture in Mira Mesa. We believe Mira Mesa is the
perfect location for a Performing arts and Cultural Center because of its location, cultural diversity, strong music, art, and theatre communities.

Mira Mesa is also a hub for anime, comic, and cosplay groups and our community is well known as having a deep well of talent for leaders in gaming, multimedia, digital, and social arts. This page serves as a platform for members to share information, ideas, and updates on local arts and culture groups, initiatives, and events and to serve as a place to connect with others who share similar interests