We want to thank our community!

This event was attended by more than 40 of our community members which include:

Multigenerational Mira Mesa community leaders and residents
Representatives from local government
Local and city artists, musicians, and actors.
Representatives from local cultural groups
Previous Epicentre Collaborators
Parents representing our local schools, homeschool, and youth community groups


11:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction – Mitz Lee

11:05 AM

Review of our progress since the last meeting (April 12)

11:15 AM

Reports on conversations and communications with local government leaders and staff


12:00 PM

Letter writing campaign instructions and directions

12:10 PM

Committee opportunities to promote and create events for performing, cultural, and visual arts

12:20 PM

Q & A

Meeting notes

How do you envision art, music, and culture in our community?

A review of our progress since the last meeting
Reports on conversations and communications with local government leaders
Letter writing campaign instructions and direction
Committee opportunities to promote and create events for performing, cultural, and visual arts.

Table 1

● Epicenter became a “rock venue.”
● Multipurpose stage w theater and stage
● Make it sustainable.
● MM does not have an art museum.
● Need creative classes (instruments, life skill classes, etc.)
● Entrepreneur, craft, art fairs
● Film festivals, community movie nights
● Video game night
● Ways to get creativity and collaboration going.
● Keep RSVP
● Question – was there a stage and lighting? Yes, there was (but not great lighting).

Table 2

  • Space was supposed to be 4000 sq ft.
  • Would like a place to meet a new friend – cafeteria with chess/scrabble.
  • Extension of home soundproof rooms for practice (instruments)
  • Full sized theater
  • Building to be open 10am to 6pm, with booking possibility after hours
  • Full kitchen
  • Poetry reading?
  • Childcare?
  • Exhibits for fund raising. Casino night?
  • Ice cream socials
  • AC for classes


Compile ideas from community discussion

Letter campaign to city letters to let community plan our own future.

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Share your info and stay in touch with us.


Funding – can we get local businesses involved?

  • Bike Park / skateboard park – make it safer for kids.
  • Background on movement for Epicentre (Jeff)

○ MM and surrounding communities NEED something nice to pull everything together culturally.

● People need to see the center.

● Intergenerational activities (performance arts)

● MMSC requirements – show up, enjoy, make friends.

○ Harmonium gave up on the Epicentre

○ It requires a lot of repair work – city’s estimate for $3 M
○ Money from county – proposal $4.5 M
○ Increased budget to $8 M (county)
○ Recommendation to take advantage of funding from county

○ The disrepair and contamination of buildings are issues.
○ Make building all inclusive – performing arts center (PQ, Sorrento Valley, etc)
○ Multi-cultural programming
○ Resurrect MM Theater Guild

○ See Epicentre be the anchor of the park.

○ Performing arts center would pull everything together.

○ Stage isn’t a real stage.


It is clear the vast majority of the people who attended this dialogue want a space for art, music and culture – a Performing Arts Cultural Center and to have further discussions in order to explore how we can make that happen.

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Who are Friends of Mira Mesa Arts & Culture?

We are a group of individuals who have joined together to form a community that is passionate and dedicated to promoting and celebrating arts and culture in Mira Mesa. We believe Mira Mesa is the
perfect location for a Performing arts and Cultural Center because of its location, cultural diversity, strong music, art, and theatre communities.

Mira Mesa is also a hub for anime, comic, and cosplay groups and our community is well known as having a deep well of talent for leaders in gaming, multimedia, digital, and social arts. This page serves as a platform for members to share information, ideas, and updates on local arts and culture groups, initiatives, and events and to serve as a place to connect with others who share similar interests