We want to thank our community!

This event was attended by more than 40 of our community members which include:

Multigenerational Mira Mesa community leaders and residents
Local and city artists, musicians, and actors.
Representatives from local cultural groups
County of San Diego Representative
Previous Epicentre Collaborators
Parents representing our local schools, homeschool, and youth community groups


11:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction – Mitz Lee 

11:05 AM

Vision and Goals: Transforming the Epicentre to Mira Mesa Performing Arts & Cultural Center 

11:15 AM

Historical Timeline of the Epicentre


12:00 PM

Community Discussion/Input – Draft Concept of Mira Mesa Performing Arts & Cultural Center

12:20 PM

Plan of Action/Working Groups Formation Letter campaign, media, grants writing, design concept, building coalition & partnership and community outreach, etc

Meeting notes



Exterior Design:

1. Architectural Style: The center embodies a modern and contemporary architectural style, characterized by clean lines, fluid forms, and the use of sustainable materials.

2. Grand Entrance: A spacious and inviting entrance with a glass façade welcomes visitors, featuring a large canopy that provides shade and shelter.

3. Outdoor Plaza: Adjacent to the entrance, an open-air plaza serves as a gathering space for pre- and post-show activities, community events, and performances. It includes seating areas, landscaped gardens, and interactive art. Installations.

Interior Design:

  • The Mira Mesa Performing Arts and Cultural Center is a dynamic and inclusive venue dedicated to celebrating various art forms and cultural expressions. 

  • With 12,000 ft.² of interior space, this design maximizes functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability to create a vibrant and versatile space for artists, performers, and the community. 

  • The center aims to inspire creativity, collaboration, and cultural understanding.

Layout :

Theater (4,000 sq ft.)

● Seating Capacity: A spacious theater with seating for approximately 300 people.

● Stage: Equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, sound systems, and backstage facilities.

● Audience Area: Comfortable seating arrangements with clear sightlines to the stage.

● Lobby: A dedicated lobby area with ticketing counters and a small concession stand.

Recital Hall (1,500 sq ft.)

  • Intimate Setting: A smaller venue for chamber music concerts, recitals, and poetry readings.

  • Acoustics: Advanced soundproofing and acoustics for optimal sound quality.

  • Seating: Comfortable seating arrangements for approximately 100 attendees.

  • Stage: Equipped with appropriate lighting and audio systems.

Workshop Rooms (2,000 sq ft.)

  • Multiple Rooms: Divided into smaller workshop rooms of

    various sizes.

  • Flexibility: Movable partitions to create larger or smaller spaces as needed.

  • Facilities: Equipped with necessary audiovisual equipment, whiteboards, and projectors.

  • Storage: Storage areas for workshop supplies and materials.

Exhibition Hall (2,000 sq ft.)

  • Open Space: A flexible exhibition hall with movable partitions for customizable layouts.

  • Display Areas: Well-lit walls and adjustable display panels to showcase visual arts, cultural exhibits, and installations.

  • Reception Area: A small reception desk to provide information and guide visitors

Dance Studio (1,000 ft.)

  • Mirrored Walls: Walls with full-length mirrors to facilitate dance practice and instruction.

  • Ballet Barres: Installed barres along the walls for ballet and other dance styles.

  • Sprung Flooring: Dance-friendly flooring to reduce impact and support movements.

  • Storage: A small storage area for dance equipment and props.

Multicultural Center (500 sq ft.)

  • Exhibition Areas: Display cases and panels to exhibit the cultural heritage of the community.

  • Libraries: Shelves with books, documents, and multimedia resources for cultural research.

  • Interactive Displays: Interactive screens or installations to engage visitors in cultural experiences.

RSVP / Retired Senior Volunteer Police (1,000 sq ft)

Storefront office to accommodate RSVP / Retired Senior Volunteer Police.


Compile ideas from community discussion

Letter campaign to city letters to let community plan our own future.

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Facelift from the County

  • Utilizing $8 Mil to reinvent the building
  • Providing programs for the Youth

○ Harmonium gave up on the Epicentre

○ It requires a lot of repair work – city’s estimate for $3 M
○ Money from county – proposal $4.5 M
○ Increased budget to $8 M (county)
○ Recommendation to take advantage of funding from county

○ The disrepair and contamination of buildings are issues.
○ Make building all inclusive – performing arts center (PQ, Sorrento Valley, etc)
○ Multi-cultural programming
○ Resurrect MM Theater Guild

● Sandy

○ See Epicentre be the anchor of the park.

○ Performing arts center would pull everything together.

○ Stage isn’t a real stage.

○ MM and surrounding communities NEED something nice to pull everything together culturally.

● People need to see the center.

● Intergenerational activities (performance arts)

● MMSC requirements – show up, enjoy, make friends.


The Mira Mesa Performing Arts and Cultural Center is a visionary space that serves as a cultural hub, fostering creativity, artistic expression, and community engagement. This design prioritizes functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, ensuring a memorable experience for performers, artists, and visitors alike while promoting a harmonious blend of performing arts and cultural diversity.

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Who are Friends of Mira Mesa Arts & Culture?

We are a group of individuals who have joined together to form a community that is passionate and dedicated to promoting and celebrating arts and culture in Mira Mesa. We believe Mira Mesa is the
perfect location for a Performing arts and Cultural Center because of its location, cultural diversity, strong music, art, and theatre communities.

Mira Mesa is also a hub for anime, comic, and cosplay groups and our community is well known as having a deep well of talent for leaders in gaming, multimedia, digital, and social arts. This page serves as a platform for members to share information, ideas, and updates on local arts and culture groups, initiatives, and events and to serve as a place to connect with others who share similar interests