Let us work together to transform the Mira Mesa Epicentre to a Performing Arts & Cultural Center with an Auditorium style theatre.

Dear Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer,

Thank you for your prompt response and kind words.

Based on the valuable input and engagement we have received from the community, it is evident that there is a strong desire for a place that encompasses music, arts, theatre, culture, and physical activities such as dancing, martial arts, and yoga. Our aim is to foster socialization, connection, and purpose to ensure healthy minds and bodies.

Regrettably, the current building plan proposed by the County falls short of meeting these needs in a viable and sustainable manner.

The principle of “form following function” should be a fundamental concept when planning the construction or renovation of a public building, especially if we value its worth, usability, and long-term sustainability.

Back in 1977, the library, now commonly known as the Epicentre, was constructed. However, it was soon abandoned due to its inadequate size and poor design. In other words, “form did not follow function,” resulting in the abandonment of the building.

In 1998, the Epicentre underwent remodeling and was repurposed as a “Teen Centre.” Unfortunately, the flawed design led to the duplication of programs already available at the nearby high school and recreation center, both of which were in close proximity. Consequently, the teen center failed to thrive.

In 2011, the Epicentre was revitalized once again, this time transformed into an all-ages concert venue. Although it gained popularity among audiences, at least among those who could fit into the standing-room-only space, it was plagued by issues such as the lack of a proper stage, poor airflow, and subpar acoustics. As a result, it ultimately failed, as the bands couldn’t generate sufficient revenue in such a small and inadequately designed venue.

In 2015, the building was abandoned once more, leading to the official closure of the Epicentre.

Fast forward to 2023, and the population of Mira Mesa has experienced a significant surge. The success, growth, and diversity of our community deserve to be celebrated in a manner befitting its stature.

It is time for us to adopt a more intelligent approach, undertake a worthwhile endeavor, and cease pouring funds into what has become an embarrassingly costly venture known as the Epicentre.

A timeless solution would be to establish a performing arts, music, and cultural center with an auditorium-style theatre. If executed correctly, such a venue could truly become the epicenter of the entire region. The $8 million that the county has already approved and allocated could serve as seed money for this transformative project.

Therefore, we respectfully request that the county and the city suspend the current proposal to allow for a thorough discussion and exploration of alternative options.

We extend an invitation to you and all the Supervisors to visit the location in person. This visit will provide a better understanding of the flow and functionality of the area, highlighting why this particular property holds such immense importance for our community.

Since 1996, Mira Mesa and the surrounding communities have undergone significant growth, not only in terms of size but also in terms of evolving needs, wants, and desires. It is crucial that we adopt a forward-thinking perspective, considering the year 2050 and beyond.

Without an auditorium-style theatre, we simply cannot provide a high-quality venue for the arts. While individuals who do not reside here may hold differing opinions, we firmly believe that Mira Mesa deserves a top-notch facility at the heart of our talented and vibrant community.

Let us break free from the cycle of poor planning in Mira Mesa.

We have copied all the San Diego County Supervisors, Mayor Todd Gloria, and Councilmember Kent Lee to ensure a collective decision is made regarding the pause of the current proposal concerning the Epicentre.

To date, we have received an overwhelming show of support for the transformation of the Epicentre into a Performing Arts and Cultural Center equipped with an auditorium. This support has been demonstrated through both a wet signature petition and an online petition available at,

We cordially invite you to collaborate with the entire community and explore the possibilities of transforming the Epicentre into a high-quality Performing Arts and Cultural Center. This center will cater to all age groups, including children, teenagers, and adults, offering an auditorium-style theatre and versatile spaces to accommodate a wide range of activities, including community events.

By working together, we can create a truly exceptional venue that serves as a hub for artistic and cultural experiences in our community.


Sandy Smith

Lainie Hardman

Mitz Lee


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Who are Friends of Mira Mesa Arts & Culture?

We are a group of individuals who have joined together to form a community that is passionate and dedicated to promoting and celebrating arts and culture in Mira Mesa. We believe Mira Mesa is the
perfect location for a Performing arts and Cultural Center because of its location, cultural diversity, strong music, art, and theatre communities.

Mira Mesa is also a hub for anime, comic, and cosplay groups and our community is well known as having a deep well of talent for leaders in gaming, multimedia, digital, and social arts. This page serves as a platform for members to share information, ideas, and updates on local arts and culture groups, initiatives, and events and to serve as a place to connect with others who share similar interests